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design and development of product ideas

Knowledge is power

When needing to know what is needed in regards to the design, manufacture and production of a physical product, just email me to arrange a call and see if we can work together.
Ongoing work includes supervision, contact with the manufacturer and communications agreeing on the different norms, industry standards and the development per se; quality control to high standards, environmental concerns, environmental policy, long-term impact vision, strategic market approach and analysis, product life-cycle and product management.

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If you have an idea or are working on one and yet need some guidance as to how to best manufacture or produce this product, well you first need a few prototypes in order to test it before going to the market. This consultancy will provide you with the insight to know what kind of material or prototype will be better for your needs, how many and what to look for each step of the way.

Also, I will provide you with information about the approximate costs of each type of prototype or process, timings and complications. I can guide you through the easiest type of model to the most sophisticated one at each stage, you may even be able to do it yourself if you want to learn, so I will provide you with the basis of this including sustainable information if this is something that is important for you.I will provide you with the right information about how to test it at each stage and the information you need to cover your market's needs.


This is for entrepreneurs or businesses who are working or developing a product that has already gone through the market research process of identifying their market and the analysis, as products are meant to be tailored and adapted to the needs of the customers. 

Once this is ready and all you need to know is how to make all this information and analysis make sense even if you don't have a physical clear idea of what it could look like, I can guide you through the process as to which options would be more suitable for your business or idea. 

Any doubts? just email me at

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