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Image by Annie Spratt

The story

Inspired by my personal experience, growing up with loving but beautifully imperfect parents who were doing their very best with the knowledge and experience they had. By seeing how people no matter their upbringing have different matters to work through as adults, I realised how important is to develop healthy communication and expression in order to develop healthy relationships and have a healthy lifestyle as an adult.

I wish I knew all of this, or it had been transmitted somehow from an early age, I could have saved myself some confusion growing up!

Creating healthy habits that can contribute to a healthy lifestyle and well-being from an early age, can make a difference in how children adapt and evolve their view to a more confident and limitless attitude by embracing creativity.

As a creative adult, I see the power of art and fun activities as a smooth segway into connection and communication with others and oneself. Creative and artistic activities can be relaxing and a means to express what can be bottled up inside, freely with no judgment and safely.


To bring insight and awareness about emotional literacy through artistic and creative practices as a tool of self-expression as well as a means to create a place for children to feel free and safe to be themselves fully. 

The activities will enable children to experience the positive effects of mindful practices. Through the sessions, they will experience a self-esteem boost, feel empowered and feel at ease while reminding them how important and valuable they are in their own unique way.

The mission is to impact families cohesively, not only children, which is why there are variations and options to different offerings which will include parents as they influence children the most.


Create a network and be an enabler for kids and families to bring awareness about healthy emotional awareness which will contribute to mental health and wellbeing positively as a whole.

About The Wellbeing Designer

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