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Are You Ready to have fun?

children play, connect and express

Themed and tailored mindful workshops

Free expression through a safe space

Through the use of materials at home meant to be recycled such as card boxes and plastic we will tailor a story together with children using imagination and seeing scenarios through the eyes of each character. 

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This is a unique and tailored experience, a 1 on 1 that will focus solely on one child. 

1 hour

Please enquire for details, the time can be adapted.


Group activities of up to 7 children for the highest quality attention and time for children between

6 -10 years of age. 

1 hour

It ncludes a healthy snack

Please enquire for details


Up to 3 hours

Available for kids ages 5-10 years of age 


Hire of cutlery

Hire of eco-friendly decoration

Mindful workshop

Clearing  and cleaning of cutlery and decoration

Please enquire for details, as it's dependant on the location and number of children.

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Get children ready for some fun! 


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