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Prints, posters, notepads, notebooks, canvases, frames, travel cases and many more products. 

Going back to school nowadays is a whole experience and what a better way that with inspirational stationery?




Modernalisa symbolises the importance of owning our virtues, our flaws and everything in the middle. These lovely products are a reminder of the endless possibilities and opportunities to reinvent ourselves when being  authentic.

 EMOTIONS keyring

This unique Emotions key ring for your little ones. The keyring was born from a lovely collaboration between Bright Emotions when thinking about how to best address emotions on the go.

keyring back.jpg



Great for stimming

Easy opening clip

Matt finish on each token card

Made with environmentally friendly materials. The design allows it easy to disassemble easily for disposal once the product has reached the end of its life-cycle. The protective plastics in packaging are recycled ♻. 

Pug key ring fixed.jpg
IMG-0349 (1).jpg

Mindful calendar

A4 format calendar will provide monthly insights for goal setting, some inspiration and positivity.
Black and white beautiful, modern and fun illustrations for colouring.
Goal-setting motivational suggestions and space to write specific goals.

printable calendar.jpg

Mindful calendar

Based on positivity, embracing the small things and practising gratefulness.

mindful workbook

Nurturing Creatives workbook. Creative journal to support emotional development. 

This creative, fun workbook will help kids open their emotional awareness learning to identify and be aware of their emotions and the effects of them, it shows them that there are options as to how to manage or act by not letting emotions take over.

Nurturing creatives. V6 -17.jpg

mindful workbook

Through word puzzles, comics, colouring and journaling the kids connect with their emotions, they learn and enjoy some mindful minutes perhaps before going to sleep. It may well be the perfect wind-down activity to get them ready to bed.

This workbook is the follow-up and complementary tool to Nurturing Creatives fun and creative workshops.

Nurturing creatives. Week 1.jpg

toddler board game

Born and inspired in nursery rhymes that toddlers are very familiar with.

Kids develop their motor and cognitive skills while they match the colour of the bed of the monkey to the jersey of the monkey and the number of the sub-panel. 

Magnets keep the tokens in place to help keep the space as tidy as possible.


toddler board game

Based on positivity, embracing the small things and practising gratefulness.

Designed for Fabula


toddler gloves toy

This soft and sensory toy stimulates infants and toddlers with its plush and contrasted colours and texture, while they hear and follow the nursery rhyme. The gloves tell a story on both sides of the hand.

toddler gloves toy

 The toddler connects with these fun toys through the subtle details of the cartoon eyes, shoes and known shapes like the spider and the cloud.

Designed for Fabula


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